Imps Picture

I am currently writing a story about a group of imps trying to survive the world they live in, all the while they are being hunted.These imps are not the same as in any other fantasy you've ever encountered. Part of the purpose of writing this story is so that I can have fun and reinvent a few mythical creatures. The story takes place in a new world of mine. A map is also currently in the works. Like all my other current projects, this won't get off the ground till after my mission.

So a little definition of imps for you. Imps are small creatures, only about seven or eight inches tall at the most. They live in small villages throughout the world. They are not very strong, but each Imp has a power that helps them in their everyday tasks and talents. Imps are fur covered, and don't usually wear any sort of clothing, but some do, especially those that live in the high mountains. Their the only distinguishing features between two imps are the color and fashion of their fur. They also all have different tails.
Imps refer to the powers that they have as Talents (always capital T) These can range anywhere from causing plants to grow faster, to reshaping different elements. Some rarer talents have arisen throughout their history, leading to legendary heroes and on occasion, criminals.
Imps are often caretakers to animals living around their villages. Often injured animals will go to imps for help and protection. Predators will not hunt on grounds designated as imp territory. Those that do are treated as enemies by the imps, and are turned away if ever they come to the imps for aid or protection.

The world they live in is devoid of any humans, elves, or any other common sentient beings. Only animals and a few mythological creatures roam this world. With that said, the dimensions of things like trees and such are still the same as if they were in out world, so Imps are small by comparison to the world around them.
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