Oh look, I'm doing another comic. But this one's gonna be different, and I'm gonna get it a website and everything. For now, I'm going to put pages up here as I do em to make sure I can actually do this without blowing my brains out.

If you look, I already did a comic before. Unfortunatl, it was the most bland RPG/SCIFI/HENTAI/HANNAHBARBARA/MAGICSCHO OLBUS/ thing I ever saw. So now I cant look at it without cutting off one of my toes. But a few weeks ago I turned 18 and became a man, and with that manhood I bought some cigarretes (NOT REALLY, PLEASE DONT CALL THE COPS) and decided to try this thing out.

I've thought out the story for a long time when I wasnt busy smoking. I CALL IT YGGDRASIL. Yggdrasil was the world tree of norse mythology and blah lbah blah. Anyway its set in some futuristic post apocalyptic fantasy world with zombie elves and crap. Most of it takes place in a huge dome that acts as a training ground for heroes. In order to get a heroics liscense you gotta take classes in jumping puzzles and NPC interaction and stuff. Most importantly, you have to complete a whole bunch of inane training quests in realistic fully 3d enviornments with live monsters.

And that's whats going on right now, Zeeshan (the dark haired guy), Ritalin (CHAINSAWWWWWW), and Chris (more bounce per ounce) are tasked with finding some girl's lost cat. IF THEY FAIL IN THEIR TASK THEY MAY GET A B IN PET RETRIVAL

Yeah, that sounds pretty stupid too, but at least it's not dull.
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