005 Duke Picture


Real Name: Duke McDaniel
Other names: Danny Jackson
First appearance: The Writer: a hero's origin
Age: 16-20
Race: human
Nationality: Scottish
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Occupations: O.T.H.E.R.s member, Hunter, Network member
Hobbies: cooking
Weakness: his family, his friends
Personality: tough, big dog, foolish, cocky, badass
Dislikes: Drama, cricket,
Likes: Tanaka, Football, sports, some art, comics
Companions: Carrie, Jamal, Pierre, Lori, Tanaka, Crystal, The Writer, Emma, Dante, Jackie,Jamie, Eli, Hacker James, Rose
family: Lori (Step-sister), Emma (Step-cousin), Tanaka (wife)
Pets: Fifi (Dog)
enemies: Cult of Shadows, Anti-idols, Chester the Jester, Clock Keeper, Anastasia,
Abilities: kicking ass
Aurora: Green

2008-2011: Duke went by the name Danny Jackson, and he was brainless fool.
2012- Present: Duke is the Writer's friend, who pick on Pierre and Jamal. He witness his parents getting a divorce, the Writer stay by his side. Duke try to be a big dog from the group. He would later work for others, where he grew an interested in Tanaka. At the same time he gain an archenemy Danny Jackson and gain wolf power from the werewolf of Dawson City. He would later lose the power and become a hunter, as he learn more about mythology and grew a respect with drama and literature.

Fun facts:
1. Although Duke was suppose to be Called Danny Jackson. He does however have an archenemy named Danny Jackson, who claimed to be from another universe, in which the bronze age Writer came from.
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