Orpheus-X (aka: Donah Takahara Picture

Orpheus-X is my PSN Acc name!!!! I was really running out of ideas for Code-names so I use what I see/think.

Donah Takahara is his real name and he's definitely apart of the L.S.U. He is related to Jihn (which we'll get to later). Donah and Jihn are brothers, but they hated each other very much. Donah is always to be blamed by all of Jihn's messes. Donah strays from his family when he couldn't take anymore discipline from his parents. He soon changed his religious beliefs and joined the Templar Knights of Luxiel, and was the First person to get the highest rank, and now he's the L.S.U.'s Team Leader.

The Takahara family is a musical family, lots of famous artist in this family, especially Donah. His voice is kinda deep sometimes(aggressive), but very gentle mostly. He Fights swiftly with his claws and dual swords, he shoots without fear with his Soul Provoker, and his singing melodic voice will be very Hypnotizing, sweet sounding.In the L.S.U. he wears a patterned robe which is the make him blend in to his surroundings. His Codename: Orpheus-X relates to the mythology of Greek because Orpheus is musician that can sing melodically as a Male, and the X is a cross or change of nature he had when he left his family out of the rage he couldn't hold anymore.

Donah Takahara:

- Age: 18 Years old
- Race:Human
- Class/Job:Heavenly Knight
- Birth Place:Melvor of the Tysron Kingdom
- D.o.B.:16th of Markeis
- Height/Weight:5'5" , 139lbs
- Religion: Luxiel
- Weapon Of Choice: Dual Sword, Soul Provoker, Claws, and ?His Voice?

PS:How to pronounce his name? It's not Don-ah, it's like Doe-n-ha.
PPS: He hates it when his team members want him to sing for them.

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