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Kingdom Of Valdez ❦❧ A Medieval, Fantasy Roleplay

Hello and welcome to the Kingdom of Valdez.

Here, in the world known as Adel, there is a kingdom that ruled for centuries known as Valdez. As top kingdom, there has been known warring sides of the other country’s. In this kingdom you’ll find that it’s a homely environment where everyone is treated as equals. It was this kingdom who fight for freedom, to spread of tranquility across the glob. But because of the other warring sides, it is hard to push this law to them. Valdez is in need of assistance, will you be the hero who saves the world from falling? Or will you be the one to cause its fall?…..

The Gist of it

In this guild you are allowed to be any race you can think of. Remember that this is based in Medieval/Victorian times, so there is NO technology of today or future. Here your allowed to own a shop or be an assistant of the owner. And if you so wish it, then I would allow you to one of the rulers of the warring sides of Valdez. Just know that you will have to come to me for approval…
Romance is encourage but remember to follow the Gaia ToS Rules.
For any other information, check out the guild before joining to make sure that this is the type of guild you would want to be apart of.
So…..are you interested?

Well then now that that's said lets move on to why I'm posting this up.
Obviously this is my world map to my newest guild on Gaiaonline "Kingdom of Valdez"

If you wish to find me my screen name is...

This guild takes place in the Medieval/Victorian style realm with the Fantasy to it like as in I guess Elder's Scroll being that you can be some of the races from the game. I even added mythology creatures in there to either be or encounter or even use yourself as NPC
If you want more information and details as in to rules and what not then PLEASE visit the website below...


The guild is open to start roleplaying but do please follow the provided rules on the website and yes I am recruiting members though no one is interested in joining.......
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