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Once upon a time...

Grey box: 10th November 6996, Sistern city, the capital of the county of Sistern
Recruiting officer: Join the army and protect your country. You'll get a good soldiers' pay and become heroes!
Kalevatar: (singing in Finnish) Mieleni minun tekevi, aivoni ajattelevi...
Martian: Why would you go to fight?!

Middle left
Martian: You can stay here!

Middle center
Martian: And see the greatest wonders!

Middle right
Martian: Young lady, I might use you for my next performance.

Bottom left
Martian: I am going to cut a persone in the crate!

Bottom right
Nameless-useless-NPC-errand-boy: Excuse me but we are looking for people like you for a certain job...

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As you have surely noticed, some characters have different colour of text in bubbles, that should indicate some accent or tone of their speech.
That Finnish singing of Kalevatar are first lines (I hope) of Kalevala, the Finnish mythology. And Kalevatar is a little wird mixture of Finnish and chinese cultures so she sing that
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