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My PC fried, so I won't be able to upload newbies for a while. To compensate, I'll show some ideas I have stored.

My original work's named Code: C.H.A.O.S (Código: C.A.O.S.), an adaptation of a series of old fanfiction ideas I never used, but I'm starting to come with something solid. For now, the main history is about mythology, nanotechnology and family. With a little of love and self search. It's a simple history, though, i think the thing I miss the most nowadays in fiction is the skill to make a simple plot be thrilling and fun.

The basic about the main characters:

Lucas is our hero, someone unsatisfied about his adult life and self-image. His basic objective is change into someone better, but his laidback habits, many pounds of weight and general fear are his worst wall to surpass. Being a nano user changes his life dramatically... or at least makes him feel better about being himself.

Rachel, the action girlfriend, is a blind policewoman who can perform overtop at work thanks to nanotechnology. She can look like unachievable, but it's pretty sweet and fun, with insecurities about be useless if she actually lose her nanos. She can "see" shapes only, not appearences, so, take a liking on Lucas escalates fast, when she notice they have more in common than they can admit. She just need to make him stop to pay attention to her older sister.

Júlio is a mid season boss, obligatory jerk rival/arrogant kung fu guy (despite be a rifles lover)/ emotionless assassin and Rachel's sister's ex-husband. His fighting scene is ready, I'll ink it tomorrow. That's all.
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