Herakles APC Picture

The Stronghand battle tank is referred to as the Workhorse of the United Systems, but that's not true. The actual workhorse of humanity and it's allies is the Herakles Armored Personnel Carrier, named after the mythological Greek hero.

The Herakles APC was first introduced as a civilian transport during the early years of Human expansion after 2090, being the first variant vehicle of the Stronghand. It first saw military action during the toppling of the Vermidian Collective in 2148, an alien civilization who's leaders brutally repressed opposition.

For months, United Systems forces, still using 21st Century weaponry, as railweaponry wasn't able to be made into an assault rifle until the mid 23rd Century, were continuously beaten back by hordes of Vermidian conscripts. The aliens were held in place by their officers, with orders to kill any who fled. Seeing as how an infantry assault wasn't going to break the conscripts enough for them to lynch their officers, and with no access to Stronghands, the human commanders requisitioned dozer-bladed Herakleses from the closest human colony.

The sight of the robust human vehicles smashing straight through barricades and delivering dozens of soldiers had the effect the humans wanted. The officers were ignored, those that made due their threats were brutally lynched, and the Vermidians that didn't flee surrendered on the spot. Those that surrendered later used those very Herakleses to lead the charge against their own capital city. The city fell, the Vermidians joined the United Systems, and the Herakles was ushered into military service, given heavier armor, firing slots, and dedicated weapons, three Pulse Cannons
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