Fan-made Vocaloid Youkai Picture

Base by: Pixelena
A fan-made Vocaloid.
Name: Youkai Tengu
Favorite Colour: Gray and Red and Black
Favourite food: Eggs and cardoons and lamb
Voice: Coming soon....
Favourite Songs:
Katayoku No Tori (Miku and Kaito version)
Disappearance of Haku Yowane
Yowane Haku Loe Is War
All of the ‘Something of Evil or Daughter of something series
Scarlet Demon of the Pavement (Kaito and Meiko version)
Eleuseus, the Hero of Slaves (Kaito and Luka)
AaAaAaAaAaAaAa (Miku version)
Clothing: Dark, Black, Red, Shorts, Simple.
Personality: Kind, dark, hates Scarlett trying to kill him, loner, playful, shy, hates being mistaken for a girl because of female posture, easily upset.
Age: 13
Height: 5'0
Weight: 52 kilos - 8 stone
Nationality: English
Extra: Likes to relate himself to most songs and believes in Greek mythology. He has a dark secret of why he likes eggs and lamb, catch-phase/motto "I'M A GUY.", is a demon, dyed his hair black (was blonde).

Scarlett - Used to have a tiny crush/rejected/hurt/bullied/scared
Airisu - Plays with/friendly/doesn't understand why she likes Scarlett
Dainaa - Acquainted/Friendly/Likes talking to/hates being pitied
Tori - Acquainted/Friendly/wants to be friends with/scared that Scarlett might hurt him if he gets too close to her
Misae - Friend/Slightly disturbed by the amount of personal space she takes up/just wants to be friends, getting too close might hurt him again/Feels like a coward around her when alone (Flushes up/becomes nervous easily)
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