super villains of firma Picture

I know I have allready got a quartet of supervillains up called the Clasch sndicate, these guys are fo' real supervillains, created for the purpose of tyrany and onslaught with powers and mastermind intellect...

but enough of that, lemme give you their identity: (left to right)


and now if your still with me i'll tell you about them personally.

born in the heat of battle, can summon daemonic soldiers to butcher armies and villages, did not change his name but decided to fight for civilisations before betraying and forcing them into extinction.

awakened in dark forrest, uses exotic weaponry and sexually threatening tactics, kills men in villages and seduces women into fighting for her or bearing devilish children to raid the villages, changed her appearence and renamed herself lady Yuletide to infiltrate her last civilization. also has the abbility to make organic lifeforms grow instantaneously.

what you see is what you get with him, collossal umber hulk of pure adamantium, see's heat and spiritual aura so he never fails to kill everyone, super strength grants him typical powers, athletic speed, heightened jumping, virtual indestructabillity, changed his name to Adam-Mantium (see what I did there
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