Talon Draft Picture

I debated whether or not to include this. The character Talon has been a part of my superhero mythology since back in sixth grade when I first drew Goshawk and Specter. Since then, I have constantly been trying to perfect Talon's look, but for the life of me I still can't do it. I like the skull-look of the metal half of his face, but the rest of it may as well go back to the drawing board. Oh well. Talon was once a pretty unremarkable thug named Drew Cassidy, but when the first Goshawk foiled a robbery being pulled off by the boss, Willie "Re-Verb" Arnold, Cassidy was trapped under falling rubble, which crushed his right side. Arnold rescued Cassidy and used his access to black market cybernetics to rebuild Cassidy as Talon, a walking weapon. Talon eventually broke free of Arnold's control and became one of Goshawk's worst enemies.
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