Cervitaur Form Sheet Picture

Hmm... According to my guidebook, a cervitaur is simply a deer version of a centaur. However, I've adapted it as a deer version of a minotaur. Aren't I just SO naughty?

Now for a short thriller. Dreyfus was alone in his room late one night, studying for the Geometry and Physical Science tests he'd have in the morning. He realized that a ton of Greek letters are used in math and science; take Ohms and Pi for two examples. But he saw them more and more... His head began to spin! He felt weak in the knees! He tried to get help but he couldn't. Muscles suddenly bulged (might this remind you of the Hulk? It did for me, and I've never even seen the movie or the comic), and his spine contracted. His fingertips and toes hardened into hooves, and his two large fox tails evaporated into one deer tail. His head changed shape, and the weight of it would hunch his neck for life. As lightning flashed outside, the beast gave a bellowing bleat. NIGHT OF THE CERVITAUR!!!!!!

His overexposure to Greek numerals and letters has done damage to the thingy that makes Dreyfus change shape. In certain circumstances now, outside of his control, he'll turn into one of four mythological animals (though in the proper version of his four forms): either a Cervitaur (deer), a Merboy (orca), Cerberus (wolf), or worst of all, a Kitsune (fox). It all depends on the circumstance. I have all the form sheets drawn out and everything, but only this one could be darkened before my pencil gave. Ironically, this was the last one I did; originally he was indeed going to be a deertaur, until I remembered that deer are more closely related to cattle than to horses.

Be careful about what you say. We've already established that rage is an untimely circumstance that makes Dreyfus turn into a Grolnashier; but if it is his feral, wild side that goes off, we get his most muscular form--permenently, until he's all worn out. It is attack first, ask questions later with this guy; he'd even attack Neshae if the vampire made him angry (bad idea; don't make him angry). His mind isn't his own, you see, so he wouldn't regret it. Pretty complicated stuff. But it also may be a good idea, Neshae, to keep him away from the people; true to his Mediterrannean counterpart, the Cervitaur has a taste for humans. And whatever you do, Neshae, don't let him get caught in a maze! (hint hint) As he's, like, feral and a monster, he'd need looking after, even though he's got sentience. (Luckily, Neshae was taking a walk by Dreyfus' house when the incident first occured).

And of course, don't worry too much about Dreyfus; he finds a permenent cure to the Four Forms of Mythology during an upcoming adventure (not until Boys of Heroes is done; too many Dreyfus in one place, otherwise). So this dude will go away. But even now, we'd only see him make himself known very rarely.

Form Root: Deer
Form Species: Cervitaur
Caused By: Letting his feral side out of order
Cured By: Wearing the guy down
Form Class: Unintentional, Mythology
Transformee: Dreyfus Vandolin III (doesn't pass on to Matthew)
Theme Song: Dungeon, from "The Legend of Zelda: Sound & Drama"

EDIT: Finished adding color. Oh, and the picture on the right isn't lunging, just so you know. One foot is just placed behind the other at the moment; bracing, maybe? The Cervitaur's back is slightly hunched (best visible on bottom left).
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