Will write bio in morning. Tired right now
EDIT: Here's his bio!!!
Robert Gregrison was a history teacher and loved greek mythology. He was a nice man but a little aggressive and was hot tempered. Then one day he took a unfortunate um lets say, a bump to the head. There was a battle in the city and he was in his apartment. He looked out the window to see what the noise was all about and Red Flare, Green Freeze, and two agents from D.I.E (Dangerous intellectuals Ensemble) came crashing through the window. The four fought inside his apartment, Red Flare and Green Freeze trying to keep him away from the fight, the two awesome squad members apparently winning. The two tried to get him away from his apartment but he was being stubborn and refused. Then one of the agents stood up and fired the strange gun he had and the plasma ball hit Mr. Gregrison in the head instead of the girls! (He has a special hatred for these two for this reason which is why his Shadow Demons went after only them) He later wakes up in the hospital and after a week he returned home. But he was never completely right after that and saw a therapist after this. After he began losing his sanity his love of Greek mythology grew and grew. His love for it became a obsession. He was obsessed with it! His therapist saw he was losing his sanity and tried to sent him to the hospital but Mr.Gregrison got angry and stabbed her with her own pencil! He then hit her over the head with a metal pan and knocked her out cold. He then fled to the countryside. One day something crashed outside his new house. He went out to investigate and he saw a U.F.O! He went inside to investigate and inside he found 4 strange stones. He opened the cracked container they were in and picked one up. Bad decision! It cracked his already fragile sanity and he went insane! With the Dark Stone he got strange powers! And he now had a army. A army to take over he world!! He called himself Hades after the Greek god of the underworld. Later He gave two of the other Element Stones to his two adopted daughters. (The fire stone to Phoinex and the Water Stone to Siren) and the other stone disappeared. Now he his after the world. And the "underworld"!!!! And theonly heroes that stand in his way is the Awesome Squad!! Or is there more?
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