Cyberpunk Hercules Picture

Hello again, and happy October! Let's just dig right in, shall we?

This little ditty started out as a doodle for inktober based off an old idea for a hypothetical video game that I recently rediscovered after cleaning out my old desk drawers, but I just kept adding to it. Basically, the idea is that Greek Mythology, and I love it to death, is kind of the white bread of mythologies just because it's the most widely known one; so the original idea was to simply take it and spice it up by putting it into a dystopian cyberpunk future, with obvious other changes to make them fit into their setting, and all of the various heroes' stories colliding at various points. The giant monsters would either be robotic Metal Gear style weapons or genetic monstrosities, and there is even a futuristic version of the Trojan War going on, involving two factions in a WW3 style conflict with all of the countries of the world combined, basically, into parallels of Greece and Troy.

In this version, Hercules was a Russian soldier for the army of Troy, which Russia is apart of, and ends up getting his arms destroyed in an explosion. Since this is the future, soldiers aren't just sent home with Purple Hearts, oh no, he's rebuilt with robotic enhancements, giving him super strength, by the super corporation, HERA. However, when Hercules gets too suspicious of HERA's motives and tries to investigate, they take control of his mind using implants they put inside of him when they gave him his new arms, and make him kill his own family, thinking the grief would break him. Grief stricken, he walks off into the bitter cold of the Siberian winter hoping to die, but as his grief is replaced with rage, he vows vengeance upon HERA and their allies, setting off to avenge his family.

In the original idea for the game, I wanted it to be a very realistic, Mass Effect style experience, but upon rediscovering my ideas and doodling around a little bit, I found that this stylized, almost cartoon style fits the concept a bit more and makes it more interesting, I think.

This isn't really the best thing I've ever done, the anatomy is even a little off, but it's more of a concept piece, so meh.

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