Entropy sketch 01 Picture

All heroes need villains, and these are some of the villains of AdventDestiny. Meet the Entropy!

Developing these inhuman adversaries has been as long of a journey as developing the Archetypes, but once I settled on modeling the Archetypes off of Japanese Tokusatsu heroes, and naturally followed to model their enemies after the "monsters of the week", the sort of official term for them being Kaijin [not to be confused with the word Kaiju, which basically means giant monster]

Of course, the challenge is to make them feel as much a part of the AdventDestiny universe as the Archetypes, while also making them stand out enough to be easily distinguishable from the Archetypes. The primary inspiration for them, besides the Kaijin from many popular Tokusatsu franchises, is the classical myths of the enemies of the gods, the most well known examples being the Titans of Greek mythology; just as the Archetypes were responsible for the legends of ancient pantheons of gods, the Entropy are their antithesis, where the Archetypes represent creation, the Entropy represent destruction.

Their leader, known simply as Scourge, was one of the Archetypes once, one of the first to be exact, but in a classic case of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, he became consumed by his elemental powers, which when taken from him, forced him to resort to taking new power from the very force the Archetypes had been created to battle... Entropy, the cessation of all things.

The other Entropy are higher minions created by Scourge, twisted mockeries of his former comrades. They in turn can create weaker, mindless minions and monsters from the environment, which are known as Revenants.

I plan on posting another page of the remaining Entropy later tonight, along with more details on their role in the story, and my plans for their development!
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