Influence map for Winterglen Picture

How do you list the influences, because there have been elements throughout your life. I suppose the strongest influences would be these.

1 - The Lord of the Rings. Seriously, can any fantasy writer deny this?

2 - Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces.

3 - Redwall by Brian Jacques. Specifically Redwall Abbey which is a great setting.

4 - The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind - if for no other reason than he attempted to write a fantasy series from the philosophy of Objectivism.

5 - Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain. Another children's series, but I have to place this here as it introduced me as a child to Welsh mythology and the Mabinogion.

6 - Bernard Cornwell's Warlord Chronicles. I had strongly considered setting Johne & Ailis' romance in post-Roman Britain.

7 - Icelandic sagas. If you haven't read them, let me so bold as to say put down whatever you are reading and pick one up. I highly recommend Egil's Saga.

8 - Tristan and Iseult. One of the greatest romances of all time as evidenced by its constant retelling.

9 - Elric VIII, 428th Emperor of Melniboné. I remember taking as many as 15 pills some mornings as a child. As an adult I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and given several prescriptions for zombie-state-inducing pills. I'm off them all. I don't have a black sword, but this was one fantasy (anti) hero to which I felt I could relate.

10 - Andreas Capellanus's De amore. The ennobling power of love, although I disagree with the work 100% regarding spousal love. I believe it is the truest love.
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