Marvel buttons- The Mighty Thor Picture

Next for the Marvel buttons is the Mighty Thor, referred to as a god or demi-god depending on who's talking. Thor was one of the original Avengers who came together to defeat his brother Loki.

Thor is another superhero that I don't know much about as I do not read his comics, but I do love Norse mythology so it is always interesting to see how Marvel tweaked it for their universe. On the left is his classic look, helmet and all. On the right is Chris Hemsworth's portrayal from the Avengers movie and since he never wears his helmet, there is no helmet. XD When the new Thor movie comes out, I may make that version as well but we'll see.

This is part of another button line that I'll be working on: Marvel heroes (and villains). Expect to see some more this week as I assemble the Avengers and beyond.

Note: Since I'm a huge Marvel fan, we'll have to see if I burn out before getting to DC.

Marvel is the property of some talented people, such as Stan Lee. I do not own these characters.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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