BNH Chap. Two Page Four Picture

More plot development.

The't have a name yet. Some of you have shot me a few guesses...most of those guesses are that it's "I". It's not..."I" has her own part in the story. The woman here is...well...I made her up. In BNH mythology, she's going to be the mother of ALL gods. Possibly the mother of all life. The "Old Ones" refered to are from the "Necronomicon". The "Namesless Terror" is something hinted at here and there in the Lovecraft short novel, "At The Mountains of Madness". Obviously, I'm putting a bit more thought into the plot than when I started.

This is going to have a pay off. I swear.

Sharpies, prismacolors, Photoshop nudges.
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