Power Rangers Olympian Might Picture

I realised that my old power rangers series was going nowhere so I gave up with it and made this one instead.

I have a slight obsession with greek mythology so I decided to make this series.

Bryan Durbin: surfer dude who is the son of a barnacle encrusted god from 5000 years ago(heroes of olympus quote).
Lillie Grant: demi-god daughter of Apollo from Africa.
Robert Hernandez: half spanish, half Olympian, all lightening.
Rae Rose: the double R dead girl, at your service
Matthew Perry: hot, hot. hot, hot. pink stuff
Harvey Grant: Lillie's twin half-brother who ran away from home and freed kronos and he's the evil ranger. dun dun dun

Harvey frees kronos and kronos attacks Olympus after the gods battled typhon. Kronos brings back typhon and uses harvey to captue the gods. One god, Hermes, escapes with Iris and brings together the rangers.
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