Apollo Wilde Picture

Originally -

She started off as a character that I created for a X-Men Role play [ hells yah I role-play online, bitches ], but when I started developing "Project Super Hero Selina" [ tentative title ], I decided to throw her in there and take her in a different direction than I did in the RP. She's got some serious power and a serious attitude to match, sort of like how she was in the RP, except....a little more amiable and with more body art. She's not introduced until the second Arc of the story, though, so I've been spending more time working on the first couple of Arcs that she doesn't appear in.

Even so, I still give nods to her here and there. She's a lovely little blend of history and mythology, and I guess is a representative of what I do best, or what I know best - history in accordiance with religion. So, I'm looking forward to using this spring break to finish developing the script for the first book or so.


P.S. If you get the threat in my picture, I will love you long time. Seriously.
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