Lokolani Model Sheet Picture

Here is the primary antagonist of the Hylemene Legacy Saga, Lokolani (full name of Lokolani Kehena).

Once an heir to the Kai Hoku A'ea throne, Lokolani turned not only on her own people, but on the galaxy at large. She at one point held the galaxy in darkness for 500 years and brought evil to the Hylemene Galaxy before being banished and bound over 10,000 Hylemene Years Ago. However, her evil influence has not left the hearts of some Hylemene beings, and that evil influence intends for it to grow and spread until she is ultimately freed from her bondage and ready to rampage across the galaxy again.

When she is freed, she is placed into a new robotic body that greatly enhances by her evil power. She learns all about the technology and society of the "present" era, and becomes an incredibly destructive and cunning force. Alex and the other heroes will have to tap into all of the power that they have to stand up to this maniacal demi-goddess and her wishes to twist the Hylemene Galaxy to her evil desires.

Some Design notes:
In creating Lokolani, I had learned a bit about Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology of the time, and drew from some of these ideas to create Lokolani. She has both the ferocious features of a shark and a dragon/lizard (or mo'o in the Hawaiian Mythology) in her mutated body and is very strong, even for an advanced creature of her species. Her name is a very rough (and perhaps incorrect) portmanteau of the Hawaiian words for "evil", "sky", and "Hell", hence her full name of Lokolani Kehena, or simply Lokolani in short.

The "skull skirt" that she wears is actually her displaying of the skulls and spinal cords of her first victims. These victims were fellow beings that had control over various elements, whom Lokolani cannibalized in order to gain her terrifying power. She also has a bikini bottom under the skull skirt. She also wears the tattered remains of her royal dress (her torn top, which is one disheveled covering), which she ripped to pieces when she renounced her own people and began her galactic takeover.

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