Deity Formerly Known As Kali Picture

Okay, I have a lot to answer for about this picture. Chiefly “What the hell did you do to her?!”
Easily explainable: My stupidity happened. My fault, one hundred percent. What happened was, when I first decided to do the trio (now quartet) of foreign deities, the only references to her that I had were from a book called ‘Heroes, Goddesses, and Shamans: A Young Person’s Guide to World Mythology’ – a few sentences about her, no picture. Instead of going on the computer to find actual visual references, I decided to look at the images of other female goddesses portrayed and make a general assumption. I only looked on the internet a few days later, and basically brained myself against the table for making so many mistakes.

I’m in despair… The fact that I may have just insulted an entire religion with deity misrepresentation has left me in despair… And I am very, very sorry.

Oh, and I deeply regret my background choice.
Kali: [You are here]
Pele: Coming Soon
Dragon: Coming soon
Loki: Coming not as soon as the others, but still.
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