Finnikas Avatar - Logo Picture

Managed to make myself a nice logo, containing my pseudonym, my full name, my signature, and a representation of a bird.

If you're wondering about the origin of each, here's the story. Long ago, I used to play the game Heroes of Might and magic 3. (yeah, strange beginning) My favorite creature of all when I was a kid was the phoenix, and I just loved the legends behind the creature that could be reborn of its ashes. I took the pseudonym Phoenix whenever I could on websites and for things concerning my art. I designed a personal signature to put on my artworks, that could be more or less recognized as Phoenix. Even if my pseudonym changed for Finnikas over the time, I kept the same signature for a matter of consistency. It's the one you see here, forming the bird's wing.

My pseudonym Finnikas is a simplified phonetic version of the word Φοίνικας, which means phoenix in greek. (the legendary bird is present in many different mythologies, including the greek mythology, and the name phoenix comes from the greek word Φοίνιξ [ˈfiniks], meaning purple-red or crimson) I thought it was a little more original than just Phoenix, and the meaning was less obvious. Also, it sounded really nice, and Finnikas was never already taken as username when I had to create accounts on websites.

About the bird, well, I guess you can figure out his signification by now.

And about my true name, that's a completely different story. Félicia apparently derives from the word felicity, and so means happiness and good fortune. When my mother was pregnant, she and my father once went to a restaurant where my father met an old collegue completely by chance. His old friend presented to him his wife, who was named Félicia. According to my father, she was a very beautiful, delicate, nice and charming woman. Later that day he told my mother "If we have a daughter, I'd like to name her Félicia" since the wife of his friend made such a good impression on him.
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