Tyr Picture

So I'm in Lithuania doing a thing for the Army ... Not a lot of free time to properly work on MIDNIGHT THEATRE, but I've been filling up the old sketchbook with ideas whenever the insomnia bug hits me. Problem is I have no scanner so these are just snaps off my iPhone, emailed to myself then uploaded on the slow-ass wifi they managed to provide for us. I've got a looong couple of months left to go.

Tyr is going to be a member of the Axis Champions. Yes, they are evil nazis, but it always bugs me that people have the nazis name their groups things like "Evil" and "Supervillains." They don't actually think they're villains, they think they're heroes doing grand shit. So I gave them a heroic team name. I am NOT condoning nazi evil in any way, shape or form.

Anyway, Tyr is from Norse mythology, a brother of Thor (who I didn't want to touch for obvious reasons). Tyr is normally depicted missing his right hand, so I gave this guy an artificial hand. I'll flip the image when it's done so it's his right hand missing.

He's also not really Tyr in the way Marvel's Thor is really friggin' Thor. Tyr is a guy the nazis gave super powers to. And these nazi folks are gonna fuck Victory City up.
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