05 Pilot Picture

Name: Chang Wu Fei
Organization: Gundam Pilot 05
Age: 15
Ethnic Origin: Chinese
Place Of Origin: L5 Colonly Cluster
Height: 156 cm [5'9"]
Weight: 46 kg [101 lb]
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Mech: Shen-long and Altron "Nataku"

The sterm pilot of the Shenlong Gundam is the proud offspring of a legendary warrior clan, who were exiled from China to a decrepit space colony by a fearful government, Wu Fei adheres to a strict code of honor and justice, seaking to prtect the wak and punish the guilty. But his pride is something of a weak point when pushing to far, Wu Fei's huge ego has a tendency to break.
Unlike the other pilots, even the relatively antisocal Heereo and Trowa, Wu Fei preferes to operate alone and frequetly seems to have a better idea what's going on than his blundering fellows. His companion is his Gundam, which he calls "Nataku" after the chinese mythological hero.
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