Hydra for English class O.o Picture

We're doing this project on a hero, god, or monster from greek mythology in my english class XDDD and part of the assignment was to either draw, or find a picture of your subject XDD Me and my friend that I'm working with chose the Hydra, so... Here it is XDDD

I've read a whole bunch of different numbers for like, how many heads it has XDD so i got lazy, and drew three XDDD

Yeah XDD So I finally drew something properly XDD like, the lineart OVER the colouring XDDDD I HATE inking in photopaint! DX Before, I'd like, ink it in MS paint ( Bendy line tool =
Awful lot of green going on there, I know XDDDD Like Gai and Lee at a kermit the frog convention XDDDD I love green, really I do, I'm just worried that I overdid it XDD hey, if I had made the darker green purple, it'd have looked like some posessed three headed barney XDDDDD
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