New Fate/ Extra CCC OC! Picture

mmm damn
Name: Lotus
Race: Servant
Theme song:… (that is my theme too :'^) in fate/ extra of course)
Weapon: Sword
Rank: Saber
Gender: Female
Sexuality: (Doesn't matter to her)
Age: 100 Years old (Counting on by how long she lived and by now--She is based on greek Mythology cause there were people called LotusEaters, they kidnapped people by making theme eat Lotus flowers to knock them out)
Likes: Fighting, Watching Masters fight other servants but she usually protects them
Hates: People who dream of being a Hero but ends up being a killer for hire (gigs u kno where that came from probably :^)) btw gig, I won't b on elsword until Saturday cause I have to return at home at 4:08 everyday so ye Saturdays you only see me on worlize :'^)))))))
Disguise: 28**aa7.

Greek: 28**aa7.
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