HBD Percy! 2015 Picture

It's Percy's birthday today if you haven't noticed.
Today is the day this goofball saved the world (Last Olympian), the day the prophecy came true. Today is the birthday of my favourite character. The boy who is loyal, who would die for a friend, the boy who loves blue food. Today is the birthday of a Hero.

Okay, enough with the cheesy stuff. Happy Birthday Percy! I'm soooooo proud of you. How much you've grown as a character from the lightning thief to Blood of Olympus.

I also wanna thank Mr Rick (troll author) Riordan, for bringing these characters to life, and to making many readers of all ages get into books and mythology.

This collab I made is of pictures I've drawn this past year, some are really old and I really didn't wanna post them here, but I think this collab deserves a lot of loove. All these drawings relate to percy.

Percy Jackson will forever be my FAVOURITE CHARACTER of ALL TIME. No matter WHAT.
Happy Birthday, Seaweed Brain c:
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