Sonic Type Crests - Redesign Picture

A redesign I did of the character type crests from Sonic Heroes, with two new crests added. From left to right:

Agility - the design was inspired by Espio and features four leaves with a shuriken in the middle; the type favours a more acrobatic movement style than speed types.

Swim - actually based on a Chao type and not found as a standard character type; the design features a splashing wave. The character most likely to be of this type is Vector the Crocodile. Swim-types lose air much more slowly and gain speed when in water.

Power - standardized by Knuckles the Echidna, characters of this type are heavy hitters. The design is a burning flame.

Speed - the primary type of Sonic himself, the design features a spinning tornado. Not much else to say.

Fly - the first Fly-type character encountered is Miles "Tails" Prower. The design features two lightning bolts around three Tomoe. This design references the Thunder-Drum of Japanese mythology; Tails was supposedly meant to be a Kitsune - also from Japanese myth.

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