10 Lords a-Leaping Picture

Because 1) I love Christmas and 2) I love the "12 Days of Christmas" song, I put together a series of pictures matching some romantic couples featured in various stories of mine to the verses of the classic carol. And because 3) I like to share, see some of the pics that I ended up liking the best, why dontcha. ;D

The 10th Day:
The lives of Kallikrates Koren and his wife Mara are complicated ones. For one thing, Kal didn't used to be a centaur; he was a unicorn named Kel-Korrel, and Mara had been known as Tirthe Mareg.

That was before an evil wizard somehow transformed Kel and Mare's fantasy dream world of Ohlhallaveil into the Greek mythology-esque dream world of Oneirokosmos, transforming their identities and wiping their memories of the whole thing, while he was at it.

Eventually, a couple of heroes from "the real world" will drop in to help address the wizard problem. In the meantime, though, Kal and Mara seem plenty content to just gallop across the sky together.

Image created in MS Paint and MS Publisher.
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