The Knight Picture

This is my OC Dreggau Wybren. His name literally means "Serpent Dragon" in Welsh, which is also what his true form is. However, he doesn't remember this because he was almost killed in his dragon form, and this human form was for some reason found in the mouth of the dragon corpse. The villagers believed that Dreggau had killed the dragon and quickly hailed him as a hero, despite the strange color of his hair and his incredibly pale skin. The king knighted him as soon as he was admitted from the hospital, where he had awaken from a small coma to find the Royal Librarian, Tirion, sitting at his bedside. Dreggau had no account of himself "slaying the dragon" but decided it best not to say anything against it.

Although Dreggau is a knight, he would much rather spend his time reading books from the library. Having become good friends with Tirion, the librarian, he has access to all materials contained in the library, even those kept in restriction. Suspicion arises in the Catholic kingdom once it is found that Dreggau has a keen interest in mythology and polytheism, and the church begins to doubt his virtue as a knight. His troubles continue to rise when Tirion begins to distance himself from him.
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