Villains High: Diamond Echidna Picture

Hear that saxophone background music playing? That's the warning of the approach of Diamond Echidna, the daughter of the anti-heroes Rouge the Bat and Knuckles The Echidna and a member of the anti-hero program at Villains High. Like her mother, Diamond can fly, sneak where no one else can, loves to flirt and sass, and steal jewels of course. On her father's side, she's often hot-tempered, has superhuman strength, and is next in line in guardian ship of the Master Emerald (according to Jane Hook's diary, Diamond has said several times that she likes keeping a Chaos Emerald to herself, but she dislikes the idea of having to do nothing but guard one 24/7). Her favorite classes include Geography of Lairs, Criminal Design, and Dark History of Evil Deities (she's quite interested in mythology) while she disdains Unfair Negotiation, Lustful Pervertology, and Home Egyptonomics.
Friends: She's best friend with Ruby Kyle, a fellow jewel thief and long childhood friend. She finds Grinchelda May Whovier and Jessie Joker quite hilarious when they aren't trying to steal her holiday jewelry. Rumors says that Diamond is also well related with the twin children of Shadow the Hedgehog.
Ennemies: Diamond hates Gabriel Legume ever since he treated her like a passing fling, Charles Frollo for posting gossip about him and Diamond dating, and Hannah South for her racism towards anti-heroes.
Romance: Diamond has a crush on Mystère Darkholme and is highly aware that he likes her.
Favorite catchphrase: "I know where to find myself a diamond when I sense one, darling."
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