Introducing another villain in my Rogue gallery...and one of my PERSONAL FAVORITES...the murderous psychopathic Viking warrior powerhouse muscle of the Zombie Nation known as THE DRAUGR.

The draugr or draug (Norse language">Old Norse: draugr, plural draugar; modern Icelandic: draugur, Faroese: dreygur andNorwegian, Swedish and Danish draugen), also called aptrganga, literally "again-walker" (Icelandic: afturganga) is anundead creature from Norse mythology, a subset of Germanic mythology.

The Old Norse meaning of the word is a revenant.

"The will appears to be strong, strong enough to draw the hugr [animate will] back to one's body. These reanimated individuals were known as draugar. However, though the dead might live again, they could also die again. Draugar die a "second death" as Chester Gould calls it, when their bodies decay, are burned, dismembered or otherwise destroyed.

This is still a work in progress, I plan on tattooing his entire upper body and arms with Celtic tribal tats, giving him a long beard, and I might change up the helmet. As you can see from the size comparison, this guy is monstrously HUGE!!

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