Flint Flereous Picture

Yeah, I deleted the Fallen Avenger... Only to make two new characters!

This is my second one, another original who I just had the urge to make because there just aren't no heroes without some kind of sexy, rogue-ish teen hero who loves tricking people, only to turn on them and do what's right. His name is Flint Flereous*, and he's gladly at your service... If you dare to call him and be able to pay him back in some sort of manner... By the way, yes, he's half-naked and showing of his tattoo.

*Flereous means "lieutenant/god of fire". There's a real mythology about a lieutenant of Hell named Flereous.


Character ID: Flint Flereous
Hero Alias: The Fire Flint
Real Name: Flint Flereous
Currently only seventeen, he was, once, by age fifteen, the youngest demon lieutenant of Hell. He commited the crime of protecting archangels in the middle of battle and, in doing that action, was swiftly exiled from Hell after extreme torture. He was meant to be the heir to the throne of Hell, but had always been reluctant in accepting the title and, in turn, protected the archangels because he wanted to be on their side.

Now exiled, he tries to redeem himself from his demonic past and join the ranks of heroes, working as a blade-wielding fire elemental who can disguise himself as a human. He's a bit arrogant and selfish, as well as a bit sly, but always has good intentions.
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