My Avatar Ink Picture

My Avatar,Ink (aka Pandora) Her power is the power of creation and summon allied monsters to do her will. She's anti-hero and loves to do some mischief out of boredom. She has two dual pistol,Chaos and Peace and her weapon bill,Creature. She has an little black ghost partner, Myth who advised her how to control her powers and hang out with her at all times. She's clever and creative when working as a vigilante and wants the world to be balance without corruption. She wears black long sleeve vest,black t-shirt, black jeans and white sneakers. Long ago, she was an lab experiment due to her artistic talents and where she got her powers from. She was abandoned along with other subjects and now she has no memory of what happen in the lab. When angry or ultimate distress her power will unreleased deadly monsters inside her imagination and will wreak havoc

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