Destroyer Undine Picture

Destroyer 27, "Undine", of the first lesarian fleet.

Heavy armor (thick cardboard) & increased internal structure - both things give the ship a higher resistance capability against attacks.

On the left side of picture you see the landed ship nearby the colony "Lesari". The new colony is a military outpost who is still under construction. Additional pictures will follow.
There are rumors that the colony will declare its independence in the near future. Some high-ranked officers are seeing conflict potential in that if it comes true.

(board/cardboard, length: ca. 10,4 cm/ 4.09 inches,
inspired by: Legends of the galactic Heroes (TV-Series) )

pronunciation: For the ships name I used the german pronunciation of "Undine". In english I would use the follow syllables: 'oon' + 'dea' + 'ne' (from 'ne'cessary). It's an old mythologic name for nymph and something like that.
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