Oedipus and the Sphinx Picture

Based on the Greek Mythology where Oedipus saves an ancient city from the Sphinx - a deadly creature that liked to put forward riddles to travellers. She killed anyone who didn't answer the riddle correctly. Oedipus volunteered to solve the riddle which went like this, 'Which creature walks in the morning with for legs, noon with two and in the evening with three?'. Oedipus answered that this was man (goes on fours as a baby, normally when grown up and uses a stick when becomes old). Sphinx then killed herself and Oedipus became a hero, marrying the queen (who was actually his own mother, but that is a different story).

Oedipus here looks old, I always somehow pictured him that way. The Sphinx's face didn't turn out as well as I imagined, and I could have put more effort in the background (though I like the bit of the olive tree we see in the distance). I'm pretty happy with how Oedipus looks like.
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