Portraits - Vaali Picture

This is Vaali, mythological saviour/ancestor, whatever... of the Kevali people.

Oh yes.

Doesn't look particularly Kevali now does he? Well that's because he lived several thousand years ago and the Kevali have adapted pretty dramatically over that time.
The Kalvair in fact, resemble their joint ancestor race a LOT more. The environment of the Kalvair home-world is far more similar to what the Hybrid race (They had no name for themselves, or if they did, it's lost to time) had adapted to.

He's certainly not what you expect from a great "hero" is he? He was a miner, and just really, some guy. The only remarkable thing about him was his courage and his drive. That's what made him such a good leader, and the histories insist, he was a damn good Lord.
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