Narcissus Picture

A Boeotian hero whose archaic myth was a cautionary tale warning boys against being cruel to their lovers.

I find that the name I have chosen for this entry is quite fitting, don't you think? But that's just my opinion.

This piece has been just sitting in my ' Photography' file and was completed months ago. And since I have not had the time to submit new devious artworks, I thought I might as well submit this one.

I took the picture of the Daffodils months ago in Regents park and when I came home I wanted to find another name for the piece. During my research for a name I learnt that a daffodils true name is Narcissus. 'Daffodil' is the English name. I also found a reference to a mythological article on wikipedia for Narcissus. After reading it I found the name more than suitable for some odd reason.

Enjoy folks... Hats off
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