Ilmarinen: Cathedral 2 Picture

This is another in a series of pictures that use old Polaroids, taken on a family trip to Stonehenge, as a basis for creating the central feature of each image. The series started by accident, when, out of curiosity, I applied a fractal transformation to one of the Polaroids. For some reason, the results made me think of some alien planet, strewn with vast, rusting metal structures, which seemed like an interesting thing to hang some pictures around.

Originally, I thought of calling the series "Vulcan", after the Roman god of metalworking but, given the word's close association with a well known TV series, I thought that "Ilmarinen", the blacksmith hero of Finnish mythology, might be a better title.

In passing, I'd better give a quick nod to Chris Foss, HR Giger and the designers of wonderful temples like Angkor Wat, all of whom have influenced these pieces in one way or another.

Hope you enjoy the picture ...
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