Tain Bo Cuailnge - Drawtober 27th Picture

if you haven't read the Cattle Raid of Cooley, it's a myth from the Irish Ulster Cycles, and it is fantastic. people go to war over cows. plus, it has one of the greatest heroes out of world mythology: Cuchulainn. if you've not read the story, you may have come across him in various anime, video games, maybe even some TV shows. he is a fucking badass. also a philandering piece of shit, but still pretty badass. & his magic javelin? come on. HE HAS A MAGIC JAVELIN. what else do you want? anyway, i love this story. read it.

[technical: i always have difficulty with backgrounds, so that's where i fell short on this one. i am just too tired to keep hacking away. however, my figure drawing skills are improving, & i am very pleased about that.]
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