Avimara Picture

An assignment for my English class. Create your own mythological creature and explain how it relates to your life. I don't really like it very much. I'm only putting it up here so that I can send it to my teacher.

The paragraph to go along with her for the assignment-

My mythological creature is Avimara, the bird of the sea. She has the wings of a blackbird, the tail of a fish, and the face of a lion. She is part beast, part bird, and part fish, but she belongs with none of them.
She applies to my life because I share interests and qualities with many different types of people, but still fail to successfully socialize with any of them. Despite this, both Avimara and I both manage to be powerful, dangerous, and beautiful in our own exotic way. Avimara by guarding ancient treasures and testing would be heroes attempting to get to them, and I by endeavoring to become incredibly rich and successful so that I don’t need friends.
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