Numbuh 478 Picture

Name: Amer Azmi Bin Rohazam
Treehouse Headquarters:Sector ''???''
Bio: He's Playful,Loving,Caring,Adorable,Nice,Cute,Happy Go Lucky and Handsome Little Amer! This Cutey Boy Loves Rainbow Monkeys
Favorite Ice-Cream: Chocolate!
Favorite Foods: Cheezels,Pringles,Mr.Potato, Twisties,Cadbury Dairy Milk,Oreo,Smarties & Donuts
Favorite Games: Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings,Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion,Age Of Empires II:The Forgotten Empires,Rise Of Nations,Rise Of Nations Thrones And Patriots,Codename: Kids Next Door Operation VIDEOGAME,Codename: Kids Next Door Operation SODA,Advance Guardian Heroes,Age Of Mythology,Age Of Mythology:The Titans Expansion,Empire Earth,Empire Earth II,Amer's Adventures III: Museum Escape,Codename: Kids Next Door Operation CAKED-FOUR (Game),Codename: Kids Next Door Operation SLAMDUNK (KND S.L.A.M.D.U.N.K.)
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