Characters sheet reference Picture

The phantom: Ryan
Powers: He has the power to transform into other people, things, animals and even mythological creatures
Personality: Ryan is the guy that everybody loves. Good at sports and very clever. When he turns into the phantom, he acts overbearing and as if he was the best in everything.
Side: Neutral character
Powers: She can create energy bombs.
Personality: She was in the middle of a protest in front of a fabric when some chemicals fell over her and her turtle Blondie, she was taken to the hospital but nothing could be found except that her character changed: she became more serious. As Hippieras she can be really stressful and she enjoys destroying fabrics and things that, as she says, "Destroy our world"
Side: Villain
Chocofan: Danny
Powers: She can control the winds, creating tornados or little breezes and can control the earth creating earthquakes.
Personality: She's shy and calm but is a really nervous person sometimes, with a special passion for animals.
Side: Hero
Dark Desire: Roger
Powers: Can transform the matter
Personality: He is a really calm and serious person but his powers make him unstable. He knows Danny since they're kids and has a great respect for her. As Dark Desire he's really dangerous even if he doesn't want to. He's always trying to help but it's really hard because of his dangerous powers.
Side: Neutral
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