Dark vs Evil Picture

On the left:
James Headnail (me). He's (I'am) the one of the newest heroes around this world but not weakest (over 50 lvl even if he's [I'am] teenager). He's (I'am) the dark version of total warrior.
-find the treasure;
-find some gardevoir that can be his (my) girlfriend.
On the right:
Seth (my main antagonist). You know him from egyptian mythology. He was egyptian god of war and sandstorms. After he killed his brother her turned into the god of evil. At present he's also the lord of demons and the worst evil of evil in the universe.
-conquer the universe and imprison it under the terror and tyrany;
-kill every heroes around the universe;

-change the lonely and despairing at the terrible and aggressive beasts by using their pain against themselves.

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