PD Redesign: Wotan Picture

Wotan, The Ancient
Real Name: Odin?
Powers: Skilled Warrior, Super Strength, Durability & Endurance, has access to an arsenal of magic spells such as flight, lightning bolts, fireballs & earthquakes
Equipment: An enchanted spear that can pierce through the toughest defenses, including superhuman durability.
First Appearance: Germanic / Norse Mythology

Rebooted Origin
"In the PDR universe, Ragnarok had already happened over more then a millennium ago. The old Norse gods were killed as they were prophesied, Thor was killed by the great serpent and Odin, the king of the gods, was killed and swallowed by the giant wolf Fenrir. However over a millennium later, a man was spotted in a small village in Bavaria, claiming to be Wotan, the king of the gods. He says that he spent the last few millennia digging his way out of Fenrir's corpse and the mountain he was buried under. And that now he is freed, he will return to his rightful place as King of the Gods. He has noticed that much of the world has changed since he had fallen, and he does not like it in the slightest. He has also heard of a mortal who now wields his son's hammer. Offended that a mortal dares touch a weapon of the gods, Wotan uses his magic to make his way to where this mortal is, willing to kill that mortal to keep the powers of the gods out of non-immortal hands."

For my 200th picture, I went for another god, this time one from Germanic/Norse mythology. For his personality, it was inspired by God of War's Zeus. His spear was inspired by the idea that he has a weapon that can be deadly to many of the super tough heroes that can take blows like a tank.
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