Thadius The Destroyer Picture

Along With Tala, Jaquibus & Dennrick, The Bigger Threat Is Thadius The Destroyer, And Unstoppable Drone Of Destruction. I Haven't Gotten Any Farther Than That With This Guy, In the Roach Universe.
Thadius Is Actually Based Of My Creative Writing Pal From High School Anthony Abaun, We Had written A Collaborative Short Story Amongst Ourselves , And 3 Of Our Other Friends. The Story Was Entitled Fucker Force 5, The Idea That In The Post Apocalyptic Future Me, Anthony And The Rest Of Our Friends, Were Super Heroes Who Were Earths Last Hope For Survival. It Was Awesome.
And Anthony's Character Was Russian Android Thadius The Destroyer, If I'm Remembering That Right.
I Couldn't Let That Character Go To Waist, So I'm Adding Him into The Dennrick Mythology, And You Know What, As I'm Typing This I Am Getting The Notion That I Should Have The Entire Fucker Force 5 As Villain In The Dennrick Mythology.....I'm Going To Do It!!!!!
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