A Halloween smash Picture

I wanted to do a comic but I ran out of time so all I could do was this. Sorry. Oh yeah one of my new characters appears here. She should be very hard to find...e_e
Character costumes are;
Cosmo: A generic Witch
Galaxina: Rozalin, from Disgaea 2
Matt: Kenshin, from Rourouni Kenshin
Ben: Mortimer Beckett, from from the Mortimer puzzle trilogy
Anya: Karin's, Grandmother from Chibi Vampire/Karin
Collin: Dark Hero; Axel, from Disgaea 2
D.Matt: A Prinny, from just about ever NIS game
Artemis: Morrigan
Lucas: An Oni, from Japanese mythology
Heartia: A Ryokobi, from Japanese mythology
Entegra Whidoe: Herself(no costume)
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