Light from Within Picture

In Egyptian Mythology, a man wasn't born a God, he had to go through a ceremony. During this ceremony the son of the pharaoh would go into the temple to receive God into himself.

One can observe the same thoughts continuing within the doctrine of Christianity as one had to go into the church or tabernacle in which to receive god. After the son of God came and died, the Father sent the Holy spirit to live within the believers as their bodies became temples for him...

You can find similiar myths in India...

Today modern humanistic notions have syncretized these ideas where we all have god living within us... its why we are to know ourselves to best of our ability, so that we can know god.

Change of organization-
Egyptians were the first humanists, just with an elitist mindset. Whereas today, we are all apart of a high culture theoretically and thanks to the Industrial revolution (-see Ernest Gellner -Nations and Nationalism) we can all choose to be humanists because there is nothing there limiting us in such a way, for instance knowlege, wealth, all easily aquired through credit or debt... whichever you prefer to call it.

Joseph Campbell, an authority on myths, believes that these ideas about religion all come from the same source and have traversed the world...

just my thoughts... what about urs?
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