Ambition Picture

So in addition to the stone work that everyone knows about, I also write and draw and stuff. This here is from a tarot pack that I've been developing. Ambition. The three runes present are as follows:

Wunjo, the one that looks like a P. It means JOY
Raido, the one that looks like an R. It's meaning is JOURNEY
and Inguz, the diamond shaped rune on the boat's sail. It means HERO, FERTILITY

A joyful journey, which (hopefully) bares fruit. Ambition.

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More about the symbolism...Our hero is turning away from the Rainbow. In the Norse mythology, it is a rainbow bridge that connects our world with the realm of the gods. Thus, it could be said that our hero is turning away from the gods and setting off on his own...kind of Faustian or Promethian.

Basically, the image, a watercolor painting, is like a Bob Ross painting. With a viking in a flying boat added.

That's all. Thanks for looking!
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